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Sizzling ASS Bone-In's

You can do it
put some ASS into it


Kick ASS Recipes

Bone-In Ribeye

| Beef, Steak | No Comments
My favorite steak, the true meat lover's cut of beef.  Aged ribeye is a delicacy.  There is no comparison to the rich, bold, buttery flavor…

Good ASS Brussels Sprouts

| Side, Vegetable | One Comment
These Brussels Sprouts are game changers

Seared Scallops

| Fish, Scallops, Seafood | No Comments
Scallops at home have never been easier.  The key to this recipe is the dry cast iron pan technique.  It ensures a beautiful crust every…

Roasted Potatoes

| Potatoes, Vegetable | No Comments
Once you start making your potatoes this way... it's over. Ingredients: EVOO 6-8 red potatoes Copious ASS Prep: Cut your potatoes in half, then each…

ASS goes with everything – beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, vegetables. pasta, sauces, soups, roux and redux


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